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Welcome to the website of artist Scott Sackett.

email me: ScottDSackett@SBCGlobal.net


Scott Sackett is a comicbook artist based out of Oklahoma City.

Scott Sackett has worked on a variety of projects including ccncept design, storyboards, illustration and comicbooks.


I am Domino


Acid Jaxx #2

-Destiny Valley Comics

Monster Hunters #1


The Big Easy Score#1



-Viper Comics

Jack Spade #1

-Domino Comics

Point Blank

Amazing and Fantastic Tales #2

-Planet Jimbot

The Dunes


Wrong Turn


Love, Leaves and Letters

Hell’s Rifles


Master of Lightning

My Grandpa, Victor the Vampire


Golem of Mars

-GrayHaven Comics

Team: Awesome!

-Speeding Bullet Comics

Snakehead Fish of Central Park

Hockey Mom

-Pronto Comics

Email Scott Sackett at:

ScottDSackett@ SBCGlobal.net


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Heaven's Rejects 1-4

Source Point Press - Coming Soon

Co-created with writer Greg Wright

A four issue mini series coming soon from Source Point Press.

A trio of angels get kicked out of heaven and are forced to fight crime and other supernatural menaces

to pay the bills.

Pencils from issue Four

Pencils from issue One

Henchmen #8

One Squared Studios

written by Ryan Morrow.

New Avengers Annual

Unpublished sample for 'Penciling Comics' class at Comics Experience

Jack Spade

Domino Comix

This was my first professional job, a superhero story set in New Orleans which sadly never saw print.

Old Comic Art Archive


If you want to see more of my old comic art I have a blog I am building archiving all my pre-professional art submissions and telling the stories behind it.

Short Films

I've been involved with a few short films created by my friend Ellis Goodson.

Coin Toss

Coin Toss is one my favorite films we made. The cheesy effects Ellis added make it for me.

You Rang?

I like You Rang a lot because it was filmed in downtown Oklahoma City and in the tunnels under OKC.


Adobe Illustrator/Times Square Adobe Illustrator/ Grand Central Adobe Illustrator/ Day the Earth Stood Still

Adobe Illustrator/ Nash Metropolitian Hand Drawn/ New Avengers 56

Clip Studio/ Christmas Card Adobe Illustrator/ Grocery Store

Clip Studio/ News 9 Comic Adobe Photoshop/ Confederacy of Dunces strip Adobe Illustrator/Confederacy of Dunces