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Welcome to the website of artist Scott Sackett.

email me: ScottDSackett@SBCGlobal.net


Scott Sackett is a comicbook artist based out of Oklahoma City.

Scott Sackett has worked on a variety of projects including ccncept design, storyboards, illustration and comicbooks.


I am Domino


Acid Jaxx #2

-Destiny Valley Comics

Monster Hunters #1


The Big Easy Score#1



-Viper Comics

Jack Spade #1

-Domino Comics

Point Blank

Amazing and Fantastic Tales #2

-Planet Jimbot

The Dunes


Wrong Turn


Love, Leaves and Letters

Hell’s Rifles


Master of Lightning

My Grandpa, Victor the Vampire


Golem of Mars

-GrayHaven Comics

Team: Awesome!

-Speeding Bullet Comics

Snakehead Fish of Central Park

Hockey Mom

-Pronto Comics

Email Scott Sackett at:

ScottDSackett@ SBCGlobal.net


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Kayfabe #2 Anthology

The Hard Way from a plot by Martin Dunn

Henchmen #8

One Squared Studios

The Iron Tiger

First five pages of my creator owned comic, The Iron Tiger. Iron Tiger is a kung fu story set in 1970's New York City.


My first job after graduating from Comics Experience was to draw Interdimensia for Robert Whitt.

Robin #172

Unpublished sample

New Avengers Annual

Unpublished sample

Fight Club

Unpublished sample

Adaption of the novel 'Fight Club"

Team: Awesome!

Speeding Bullet Comics

Team: Awesome! One Golem of Mars Two Team: Awesome! Three

Team: Awesome! Three Team: Awesome! Five Team: Awesome! Six


Summer '15

Confederacy of cunces strips

Mystery Project

Published soon

Golem of Mars One Golem of Mars Two  Three

Golem of Mars

GrayHaven Comics "Sci-Fi" Anthology / Spring '15

Golem of Mars One Golem of Mars  Two Golem of Mars Three Golem of Mars Three


GrayHaven Comics "Monsters" Anthology / Summer '14

Devilocirator One Devilocirator Two Devilocirator Three

Devilociraptor was a story I drew for GrayHaven Comics "Monsters" Anthology.


GrayHaven Comics "You Are not Alone" Anthology / Spring '14

Pinwheel One Pinwheel Two Pinwheel Three Pinwheel Four

Pinwheel was a story I drew for GrayHaven Comics anti-bullying anthology "You Are not Alone Volume 2". The first volume was critically praised and I was honored to be asked to draw a story in the sequel.

Oklahoma's Wild Weather

News 9 Weather Comic / Spring '14

News 9 Cover News 9 Page 11 News 9 Page 12

I was hired by News 9 to create a comicbook to teach weather safety to Oklahoma school kids. They had never written anything like a comic before so I had to work closely with their marketing team and weather department, but in the end it turned out awesome.

GrayHaven Comics "Paranormal Romance" Anthology Cover

Paranormal Romance Cover

I was invited to create the cover art for GrayHaven Comics "Paranormal Romance" Anthology.

Christmas Card '13

Merry Christmas

Not exactly a comic, this was my Christmas card I sent out to editors and writers in 2013.

Deadpool 54 Sample

NYCC '13

Deadpool Page One Deadpool Page Two Deadpool Page Three Deadpool Page Four

At this point I was drawing comics almost exclusively digitally and because I was working in small press, I mostly inked my own work. I was asked by Marvel to submit pencils so I tried to make them look as much as possible like 'real' pencils in Manga Studio. I love these pages because they 'sell' the idea of this taking place in Grand Central Terminal. I think this has more of an 'indy' feel then a Marvel style.

The Curse of the Bug

Bug 1 big easy page 8 The Curse of the Bug

The Curse of the Bug is my kids comic. Drawn in a cartoon style it is the story of a young girl forced to take on the superhero role.


Viper Comics online anthology Cryptophobia

page 1 Page 2

My first Professional job, I was hired by Viper Comics to draw "Caged" for their anthology Cryptophobia. Sadly, the project never really got off the ground and to the best of my knowledge is dormant. However, this was a huge confidenc boost and at a time when I was discouraged getting this convinced me to roll up my sleeves and push forward.

The Big Easy Score

cover big easy page 8 big easy page 9 big easy page 10 big easy page 13 big easy page 14 big easy page 20

Art for a crime comic set in New Orleans created with writer Brian Tanner.

New Avengers

avengers 2 3 avengers page 4 avengers page 5 avengers page 6

I drew these from the script for New Avenger 56. They were chosen to be critiqued on the website ComixTribe by Tommy Patterson. You can check it out here.

Old Comic Art Archive


If you want to see more of my old comic art I have a blog I am building archiving all my pre-professional art submissions and telling the stories behind it.


storyboards storyboards storyboards storyboards

storyboards storyboards storyboards


Click below to download my out of print sketchbook #1 for free!

Download my sketchbook

Since my first sketchbook is out of print and I have no desire to reprint it (I'd rather work on #2!) you can download it for free.

hot rod drawing library drawing streetcar sketch anatomy sketch scooter drawing nightcrawler sketchww2 captain america sketch pensacola drawing

nerd drawing anatomy sketch joker drawing muscle car sketch anatomy sketch cowboy sketch anatomy sketch vending machine drawing

motorcycle drawing drain drawing cr-v drawing kitchen sketch confederacy of dunces drawing rebel without a cause drawing


times square grand central drawing grand central color 3d hot rod 3d tractor

machine gun bug sketch bug car show flier steinway piano drawing maytag washer drawing

aerosmith design boston design cockroach t-shirt christmas flier nash metropolitian drawing

christmas santa drawing museum of natural history drawing museum of natural history drawing john wayne drawing